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Your house in Miami should not be just a dream!

Do you want to buy a property in Florida but ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What area will be best to invest in?
  2.  Which area will be better to invest in?
  3. What type of property should I buy?
  4. Can I apply for financing as a foreigner?
  5. How much is the minimum I should give as an initial?
  6. How long will I have the fees?
  7. If I buy a property through a credit then can I rent it?
  8. Do I have to pay an annual property tax?
  9. What documents do you ask me for the credit?
  10. Can I buy several properties at the same time?
  11. Do I have to pay commission, closing costs, insurance, or any other amount associated with the investment?

I offer you my real estate advice to get you out of these doubts and help you achieve a successful investment. My job is to advise you through a clear and reliable orientation when making your real estate investment.

How we can work together on your investment:

  1. We will listen to what your need is, buy, sell, residential, commercial, business.
  2. We will search for the ideal property adjusted to your investment criteria.
  3. We will select the most adjusted after a visit process, data review and comparability studies.
  4. Preparation and Presentation of offers through the preparation of contracts.
  5. Advice and a step-by-step guide for applying for and introducing credit. (if required).
  6. Inspection of the property to certify that it works 100%.
  7. Property transparency process through the Title Company.
  8. Closing. We accompany you at the closing with the title company, lawyers, agents, etc.

Welcome to your new home or business! Do you need our real estate advice?

Contact me in Miami by calling  (954) 376-1097 or below in the contact form you can send a request and I will attend you as soon as possible

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